Pong Road

Pong Road is a documentary series that I directed, filmed, art-directed and edited. 

After years of living in New York and scraping by as a ping pong coach, Rocky Wang decides to leave the big city and weave his through the United States to compete again. With little money and his trusty van (Myrtle the Turtle), he's exploring what American ping pong is really like and the colorful characters that play across the country.

Check out more of the story at www.pongroad.com

Auvere True Gold BTS video

I worked with Black & Steil Photography and Auvere True Gold to shoot this behind-the-scenes video their their Spring/Summer jewelry collection. We wanted to capture the energy of the Brooklyn-based shoot while also showcasing the new line of products. 

Khaleel Asgarali Promo

Professional table tennis coach Khaleel Asgarali approached me about creating a promo for his coaching business. We wanted it to feel natrual and lighthearted, while still showing his experience and skills as a coach. I directed, shot and edited the video.

Red Ocean/Blue Ocean Creative Lab Promo

I worked with professional dancer Kaeshi Chai on a project called the "Red Ocean Blue Ocean" Creative Lab. She and a group of amazing dancers used the "Sprint" prototyping process to create a full theatrical dance show from scratch in only a few days. I directed, shot, edited this behind-the-scenes promo. You can also read more about the concept here: http://bellyqueen.com/creativelab/